EMP Protection

Making sure your data is secure has never been more important. We build devices to protect your data from electromagnetic pulses.

SARA builds devices for electromagnetic pulse testing. We supply pulsers, spiral antennas, data acquisition systems, and security and environmental alarm and monitoring systems. These systems are designed to test for the integrity of an area against a high energy electromagnetic pulse. However it may be delivered.


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Our pulsers fire bursts of high energy electromagnetic power. This is useful in EMP testing application. Designed to test for the integrity of electronic systems in the event of a high energy electromagnetic pulse.

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Spiral Antenna

A spiral antenna transmits EM waves having a circular polarization. It will receive linearly polarized EM waves in any orientation, but will attenuate signals received with the opposite circular polarization. A spiral antenna will reject circularly polarized waves of one type, while receiving perfectly well waves having the other polarization.
One application of spiral antennas is wideband communications. Another application of spiral antennas is monitoring of the frequency spectrum. One antenna can receive over a wide bandwidth, for example a ratio 5:1 between the maximum and minimum frequency. Usually a pair of spiral antennas are used in this application, having identical parameters except the polarization, which is opposite (one is right-hand, the other left-hand oriented). Spiral antennas are useful for microwave direction-finding.

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Data acquisition system. The DAS box is a system designed to monitor voltage at multiple points and record the voltage at all points in time unlike traditional oscilloscopes. Our DAS boxes have the highest sampling rate in the industry.

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Security and Environment alarm system. SEAMS is a system designed to monitor the security of your electronics and alert you of any EMP breaches in realtime.